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The atmosphere blogs, Club Shed and the Return to the Shed Campaign are supporter-led initiatives to help maximise the atmosphere at Chelsea games.

This section of the website is the place to publish the ideas and aims of these initiatives and to encourage all match going supporters to become more involved.


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To get in touch with any atmosphere-releated initiative, please email clubshed@chelseafc.com Atmosphere blogs

These originated as observations on recent home and away matches.  Basically, how well the supporters do off the pitch.  As time goes on, it is increasingly evident that we can reach out to the supporters by being proactive and galvanising the support.  Watch out for upcoming blogs which will attempt to do this.  Supporters who participate in this blog are seated in various parts of the Bridge.  We are also fortunate to receive atmosphere reports on away trips.  Sometimes what you may hear on the telly or radio isn't an accurate representation of what's happening in the ground.


Chelsea Football Club meets regularly with representatives from our fan base to discuss atmosphere issues and the following set of aims for the initiatives have been agreed upon.

  • To help improve the atmosphere through vocal participation, flags, banners, scarves and other visual support aids.
  • To help supporters get behind the team during a match from all sides of the ground.
  • To improve the supporters' enjoyment when attending a match at Stamford Bridge.
  • To implement ideas that will in time stand on their own and not be stage managed.
  • To encourage a new generation of fans to maintain the improved atmosphere.
  • To help to raise the reputation and standing of Chelsea Football Club regarding fan support.

    Return to the Shed

    The Return to the Shed campaign began during the 2006/07 season. With the most vocal section of Stamford Bridge at the time being the Matthew Harding Stand lower tier, which was an area mostly filled by season ticket holders, the idea was to encourage non-season tickets holders who enjoy backing their side with songs and chants to congregate in another area of the stadium.

    The Shed End was selected, a location with historic resonance as this end of the ground once housed the core of Chelsea’s singers, back in the days when it was a large, curved terrace. The experiment was judged a success and when season tickets for that end of the ground were reintroduced, there was a large uptake.

    The Shed End now provides loud and friendly rivalry to the Matthew Harding Stand when it comes to making noise. Things are ever improving but there are still obvious improvements to be made.

    Supporters who want to do their bit to cheer on the Blues at home matches are still encouraged to buy their tickets at that end of the ground whenever possible. The supporters behind the Return to the Shed campaign have now set their sights on new projects. These include banners and colour. A collection of  these are draped across the front of the Shed and Matthew Harding upper for tiers each home game.

    There are now large flags on poles that are waved in front of the West Stand, and some magnificent large blue flags which are "floated" across the stands as the players emerge.  Keep the Blue flag Flying high, indeed!

    Return to the Shed also campaigns for singers to relocate en masse to another area of the stadium when the Shed is given over to away supporters for some domestic cup games.  It also campaigns for younger adult supporters (16-21) to be admitted into the ground at discount prices and preferably sat together.

    Club Shed

    Club Shed is a community of fans which expands on the aims of the original Return to the Shed campaign.

    Club Shed is all about supporting the team with those involved enjoying themselves while they are at it. Wherever possible, nothing is staged or contrived.

    There is an online Club Shed forum where anyone can participate in a wide range of topics such as pre-match meeting places, new/old song lists, galvanising fans to back ideas like supporters' away days, organising support for domestic cup ties, feedback on the atmosphere from previous games, banner campaigns and so on. It is free to join although participants will need to register on the forum to participate.

    Club Shed supporters are also invited to meet up socially before and after games as well as do as much as possible to cheer the team on to success.


    The fans’ efforts have not gone unnoticed. Here is a collection of quotes on the subject from Chelsea players and staff as the various campaigns were launched.

    John Terry – Matchday programme notes v Portsmouth Aug 07

    ’Thank you twice to you fans. The support at Liverpool was special and there were times when all we could hear during the game was the away fans.

    ‘That had a lot to do with how we were playing, but it also had a lot to do with the commitment of the support. And watching the first home game two weeks ago against Birmingham, it was clear that there was more vocal support in the Shed.

    ‘Keep singing on every side of the ground. We've got a great home record, let's sing about it and keep it by giving 200 per cent every week.’

    John Terry – Matchday programme notes v Leicester Oct 07

    ‘The Shed End singing is really working, the stands were getting each other singing and with the flags the atmosphere was electric. That really makes a difference. So thanks to everyone for that and keep it up.’

    Avram Grant – Press conference pre-Wigan away Nov 07

    'I think the supporters are very important for us, we saw it in the last few games, especially away games. It was terrific in all the five away games the team played when I started as manager. Anything we can do to help them to help us, I like it.

    Didier Drogba – Official Chelsea Website Aug 07

    'You could feel that the fans were very excited for the first game, the opening. It was like last season when especially for Champions League games we had a fantastic crowd.

    'I remember Barcelona and Valencia, and I won't even talk about Liverpool, so I think now the fans are changing and becoming more passionate. They were before but now they are even more behind the team. They know now that the noise they make can help us win games.'

    'It's fantastic, it reminds me of when I was at Marseille, all the flags and people singing. It's something simple but we players love this.'

    Petr Cech – Official Chelsea Website Feb 07

    'Of course it is great when there is a lot of singing behind me because football is all about atmosphere and if the atmosphere is great, possibly the football on the pitch is better as well.

    'It would be great if we can improve the atmosphere in the stadium. I think for the fans it would be better and they would surely enjoy more the games.'

    Assistant first team coach Steve Clarke – Official Chelsea Website Feb 07

    'Sitting on the bench in the second-half, I did notice a difference because suddenly I could hear songs originating with my left ear instead of my right ear.

    'For me it was good because going back to my playing days, all the noise used to originate from that end of the stadium and it did make a difference today. I thought the supporters did well.'